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The Small Business Bonus Scheme

For small businesses I consider it particularly important to check your Rateable Value especially if the value is just marginally over one of the Small Business Bonus Scheme thresholds of £10,000, £12,000 and £18,000 respectively, and all as outlined below.

Under this scheme the 2010/2011 levels of relief have been set at 100% for eligible properties with a combined RV up to £10,000, 50% for those with a combined RV between £10,001 and £12,000 and 25% for those with a combined RV between £12,001 and £18,000. The Scheme has also been expanded in 2010-11, to allow a business with 2 or more properties with a cumulative rateable value of £25,000 or less to qualify for relief of 25% on individual properties with rateable values of up to £18,000.

Relief under the Small Business Bonus Scheme will be subject to the operation of other reliefs:

  • such as empty property relief;
  • rural rate relief;
  • charitable rate relief;
  • disabled persons rate relief; and
  • discretionary relief for not-for-profit recreation clubs.


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